Overseas Business Department

Founded in 2015, Overseas Business Department of Huishang Futures is committed to rendering all-round services of participating in China's futures market and proactively developing cross-border investor education for qualified overseas institutional investors and other international customers.

As an emerging market-oriented nation, China expects a huge investment opportunity in its futures market. Overseas Business Department of Huishang Futures is willing to offer instruction and convenient services for overseas investors in participating in China’s futures market.


Contact us:

Address: No.258, Wuhu Road Hefei


Tel: +86-551-62891243 

Email: yeh@hsqh.net

US Office

Currently, customers of the Company are increasing year after year and numerous customers are in urgent demand for participating in overseas investment. Given such a situation, the Company sets an office in the US, seeking solutions for these customers in investment and financing demands. Moreover, China is expected to roll out futures trade on medium sulfur-bearing crude oil in RMB while US is exactly the center of crude oil futures trade. The US Office will be committed to linking crude oil markets in China and the US.

The office is under construction.